Dr. Martens

since 1960
Place of origin: London
Country of origin: United Kingdom


Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have been worn by workers, for whom they were designed, but also by rebels, non-conformists and free-thinking individuals of all types for over five decades. A classic design, the boots were first adopted by skinheads and then by a succession of other sub-cultures as an icon of personal self-expression and individuality. At the heart of Dr. Martens is the Airwair sole, featured on the first pair of boots to roll off our production line on the 1st April 1960 and still used today.

We're a family owned company and still make boots in our original factory in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England.


Throughout Dr. Martens history, the brand has been adopted and subverted by countless rebellious characters, subcultures and tribes. These are the people who stand out from the crowd in their own unique way and for many, their journey of self-expression has always been accompanied by a pair of Doc’s. Dr. Martens celebrates these free-thinking individuals – from first time wearers to those who have been with the brand forever. These are the authentic characters that stand for something.

Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, designed by German inventor, Dr. Klaus Maertens, was engineered primarily to meet the specific need of providing additional support and comfort for his broken foot. The Dr. Martens boot, manufactured by R Griggs and Co, British boot makers, with its trademark yellow stitch, grooved sole and heel-loop, was a boot for workers, initially worn by postmen and policemen; comfortable, durable and lightweight in comparison to its competitors at the time.

A specific range of “Made In England” products are still manufactured in the Cobbs Lane factory, Wollaston, England which has been making footwear for the Griggs family since 1901. It is the home of the original Dr. Martens boot and within this small factory works a close-knit team of people schooled in traditional shoe-making and the unique process that makes
Dr. Martens like no other shoe on earth.



Just like the consumers that come into the brand, there is a variety of influences and inspirations that have provided the direction for the SS16 range and many of the key seasonal product stories within it.

Firstly; there is a journey back into the brand’s unrivalled subcultural roots and its enduring cultural relevance, by looking at one of the most distinct youth tribes who wore Dr. Martens - Pyschobilly.

Pyschobilly, blended punk with rockabilly and mixed in imagery from B movies that included both horror and sci fi. This has led to the many of the brands key silhouettes being treated to a both a floral slime and mono paint splat execution which is a contemporary interpretation of the distinctive style that was embraced by these free thinking individuals and one which featured heavily in both band artwork and gig posters.

The second direction is all about making the brand relevant within the summer months through material executions and colour injection. Heavy duty 12 oz canvases, open shoes bold block colours and pastels all combine to give the brand a culture collide of fresh upper and sole materials which build on the famed comfort and durability of the brand.

And then finally, the monotone story which is not only seasonally transcendent due to its ability to constantly re-invent itself (similar to DM’s) but is brand relevant due to its long association with black footwear and utility. This trend has been boiled back to a minimalist approach through the use of palette and the choice of styles within this capsule to achieve both an essential quality and simplicity of some of its core products.

All of these styles and directions provide a platform for rebellious self-expression as well as affording the wearers a flag of attitude and empowerment.

For SS16, Dr. Martens has tapped into its unrivalled cultural relevance once again by taking inspiration from one of the most peculiar, the most extravagant and also one of the most distinct youth cultures who wore Dr. Martens - Psychobilly.

Psychobilly blends punk, rock and rockabilly often mixed with imagery lifted from horror and sci-fi films. As a result, slime and splat typography often feature in both band artworks and gig posters. Inspired by this, the Dr. Martens have interepreted this approach on to the 3 iconic styles in a customised and exclusive floral print. The classic 3 eye 1461 shoe and mary-jane t-bar shoe are available in blue, with the 8 eye 1460 boot available in both blue and green.

This is a female only collection, available in size 3-9 and has been created in the iconic, hard wearing smooth leather. Available January 2016 in Dr. Martens stores, and selected retailers.