BOSS Hugo Boss

since 1970
Country of origin: Germany


A global leader in the market for premium mens- and womenswear, HUGO BOSS is known worldwide for distinctive, innovative fashion statements. With a presence in over 110 countries through its brands BOSS and HUGO, the company stands for outstanding design and a high-quality product.

The dynamic and ongoing growth of the core brand BOSS has been a significant engine powering the company’s success for many years. It now extends to four lines: BOSS Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange und BOSS Green. In contrast, HUGO comprises a single label within the HUGO BOSS portfolio. Both brands embody the lifestyle universe that defines the fashion group.

The collections presented under these brands and lines are all keyed to an internally balanced pricing scale. Each is designed to appeal to a different target group, generating a fashion palette of maximum breadth and depth.

The HUGO designer brand was created in 1993 to address a progressive, fashionably unconventional clientele. It was originally conceived as a menswear collection only.

When HUGO womenswear was launched in 1998, it laid the foundation for all of the ensuing women’s collections from HUGO BOSS.

Traditionally known for its business-oriented menswear, the core BOSS brand began to diversify in 1999, when the leisure line BOSS Orange was introduced with the aim of expanding the casualwear segment within the BOSS men’s collection. In the previous quarter of a century, BOSS had been known exclusively under its signature white logo against a black background, i.e. as BOSS Black – the quintessential business look for men.

The brand continued to grow. The first BOSS womenswear collection was introduced under BOSS Black in 2000 and known initially as BOSS Woman.

Today BOSS Black delivers highly versatile wardrobes for men and women extending from elegant business outfits through casual looks all the way to formal eveningwear. The range also includes shoes and accessories as well as watches, eyewear and fragrances that are produced under license.

The 2004 launch of BOSS Green – a design-driven sportswear line for men – marked a further step in the diversification of the BOSS brand.

The same year saw the premiere of the exquisite menswear line BOSS Selection, representing the luxury level within the BOSS world. Melding the unique design of BOSS Black with the finest fabrics and superb craftsmanship, BOSS Selection subscribes to the highest quality standards. Exclusive shoes and accessories round out this collection as well.

In 2005, a women’s collection was added to the BOSS Orange casualwear line.

Starting in Spring/Summer 2010, a BOSS children’s collection is being produced under license; the kidswear offers fashions for boys and girls aged four through 16.

BOSS Green womenswear is the most recent launch within the BOSS brand world. Like its menswear counterpart, the women’s collection stands for excellent quality sports apparel that synthesizes performance- and casualwear.

All of the HUGO BOSS brands and lines are supported by a globally consistent presentation at more than 6,100 POS worldwide. Beyond this, line-distinctive advertising campaigns, activities in the fields of the arts, culture and sports, and international fashion events serve to emotionalize and enhance the image of each HUGO BOSS collection.