since 1997
Place of origin: Gernika-Lumo
Country of origin: Spain


Skunkfunk F/W 2014

“In da haus”
Maddi is our signature line. This season we reinvented our unique designs with geometric lines that complement a body with curves.

Fabrics are the main innovation of the season. We used wintery and fall textures, that are a pleasure to touch. Overall Maddi a light and comfortable line.This Line represents the natural colors of the female body, keeping the touch and feel of the original basque inspired brand.

We have not forgotten the important details, offering plenty of black contrasts for a subtle neat finish, adapting the skunkfunk roots to contemporary trends.

Bags and accessories, experiment with color and vegan leather textures. On one hand, multicolor designs, by the other hand black and white designs.

Since the smallest bag to complement the smartest outfit, until those that you can use during whole day. You can find any kind of bag for all your outfits. Finish your look with the rest of our accessories as gloves, scarves, wallets and our special belts.

Uma mad about kraft

Uma is our functional casual line, where comfort and urban trends meet.

Here we have a sporty touch loosening the seriousness in design and adding a casual look in line with the brands DNA Uma is our woman’s search for comfort ,without sacrificing contemporary trends or innovative fabrics.DIY or Do it Yourself is the inspiration, which avoids industrial or rough finishes, Hand made details add personality creating a unique look and feel to individual items. Labeling design has been done with great care, creating the lines now characteristic. Young and modern triangle logo.

"Flowers on the wall"

Our most feminin line revises roll prints to make them more chic and decorative. Many garments have flowers, blending feminine curves while complimenting sober and elegant lines. The key to Koko’s line are the fabrics, creating contrast and textures you won’t find anywhere else. A landmark in the collection are the 40’s inspired coats with straight cuts and entwined fabrics. Digital prints give the line a unique look, showing a contrast between classic elegance and todays trends.

About Skunkfunk

It started back in 1996 in the Basque Country (north of Spain) with a simple T-shirt collection. Rooted in music festivals, Skunkfunk has always been connected to urban attitudes, art & beats. The style has been influenced by fashion and culture in cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, San Francisco and Berlin. Skunkfunk believes in a different way of making fashion, working to make a difference both in style and sustainability. The label is present on four continents, selling to more than 1000 stores.