Place of origin: Gernika-Lumo
Country of origin: Spain



Skunkfunk launches its new Spring Summer collection, the first one with the GOTS certificate, following the idea of travel as inspiration. After the success of our new 3 women lines, this season Maï, Laia and Blanche will stay with us, with new designs but keeping the coherence of each line.

This summer Maï went on a trip to the South and her line reflects the colors and designs of countries like Morocco. The Laia line gets its inspiration from the Japanese style but with a great influence of the beach and the ocean. Finally, our most trendy line, Blanche, is inspired by the city lights and the colors of cities like New Delhi.

Skunkfunk started using organic cottons early in its collections but in this Spring Summer collection the innovation comes with the GOTS certificate. The additional strength our GOTS certification gives us is the peace of mind of full product integrity: from crop to fabric to finished garments and from environmental to social criteria. Now, all of our GOTS certified garments will have a label and hangtag of approval from when it leaves our doors in Bilbao.

Introducing Maï
This summer Maï went on a trip to the south and discovered the beauty of a new architecture with delicate harmonies. She was inspired in her pictures by the colors and geometric games of the Moroccan tiles. She found many unusual objects at the bazaar, like this plastic tea pot she now brings everywhere, and some pieces of handmade dentelles. As she was wandering around, at her own pace, she found this oasis full of life and exotic flowers in the middle of the desert...

Introducing Laia
Laia went to Japan last Winter to discover new horizons. The mix-max she found there was incredible! She quickly adopted the Japanese way of life and new key pieces appeared in her wardrobe.

Eating plenty of sushi on the beach, she spent a long time observing the strange looks of Japanese girls: marine stripes mixed with comfortable wool jersey dresses, neo-military pieces, fluor color on details, delicate ancient textures and prints mixing photos and paintings…

One day she found an old lady by the beach who was making lucky charms out of small stones, bits of colorful plastics and lost objects. The colors were amazing and Laia bought some for her friends back in the Basque Country.

Introducing Blanche
This spring Blanche decided to take a break to travel to India and visit her friend Koko. They spent the first evening together talking about their lives while admiring the blurry lights of New Delhi through the windows of the apartment.

The next days they went around the city exploring palaces and temples from where she got the idea of using lotus flowers as a decoration for their backyards… They found all kind of lotuses, made out of plastic, wood, paper… and they all looked beautiful.

About Skunkfunk

It started back in 1996 in the Basque Country (north of Spain) with a simple T-shirt collection. Rooted in music festivals, Skunkfunk has always been connected to urban attitudes, art & beats. The style has been influenced by fashion and culture in cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, San Francisco and Berlin. Skunkfunk believes in a different way of making fashion, working to make a difference both in style and sustainability. The label is present on four continents, selling to more than 1000 stores.