since 1962
Place of origin: Paris
Country of origin: France


Daniel Hechter Spring Summer 2009 men’s collection

For spring summer 09, a full modernization but without changing its price positioning has been operated for Daniel Hechter Men’s wear. The now “neo-classic” Hechter collection is divided in themes that are product category oriented in order to have an horizontal as well as vertical lecture of the collection.

Optimistic and colorful the Men collection is transgenerational but not transversal showing a well balance proposition of contemporary and modern products. Maybe up dressed but never conservative, the first theme “Classic with a twist” reflects a formal attitude and is illustrated through must have and carry over products.

They are modernized in cut and proposal of qualitative products such as shirts, suits and knitwear. A neo-formal is as well proposed in modern fit using high waisted cuts in order to generate a lean and elongated silhouette.

The look, still formal is de-dramatized, playing with new signs of recognition like laser cut out logo on lining and designs features such as contrasted material (leather) cut on edge or laserized. The shirts are embroidered and printed with micro fancy motives. Also, fancy t-shirt printed with caviar beats or contrasted in color will spice up the evening wear.

Daniel Hechter Spring Summer 2009 Women’s collection

The spring/summer 2009 collection is inspired by the styles and codes of clothes from the end of the 1960s and the early 1970s.

This period was rich in many different fashions and shaped by the strong personality of its contemporaries: Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy to name a few. Their style influenced an entire generation. For this collection, Daniel Hechter is remodelling fashion trends of that era, adapting key pieces like Jackie Kennedy’s tube dresses and Brigitte Bardot’s hats.

This ready-to-wear collection is resolutely casual and chic. It is built around strong pieces associating quality with style, encouraging a mixture of different themes. Large collars, oversized seams and pockets like at the end of the sixties and the early seventies, an era equally characterised by the rise of the Daniel Hechter label.