Place of origin: Treviso
Country of origin: Italy


Geox group began its commercial and industrial activity in the 1990’s and in a few years became one of the main players in the Italian and international footwear and apparel market.

The Group actively creates, produces, promotes and distributes footwear and one of its strengths is product innovation. In particular its activity is oriented towards identifying technological solutions that guarantee breathability and impermeability.

Geox group’s innovation, protected by a total of over 50 different patents registered in Italy and extended at international level, is fundamentally based on the design and creation of soles that, thanks to the insertion of a membrane permeable to vapour and waterproof, are able to guarantee breathability to rubber soles and impermeability to leather soles.

The Geox group operates in the sector of classic and casual footwear and apparel for men, women, and children, priced in the medium to medium-high price range. The Geox brand is thus a family brand which offers a wide array of products for the entire family. Each product is characterized by innovation, comfort and a style in line with the latest fashion trends.

Besides producing brown shoes, Geox realizes also an entirely breathable collection named NET.

Today, Geox detains the leadership in Italy in the sector of classic and casual footwear and it can count on an increasing presence abroad: on September 30th, 2011 over 60% of net sales have been registered in the main foreign markets, among which Germany, France and Spain.

Moreover, Geox has been ranked the 1st footwear brand in Italy and the 2nd worldwide in the life-style casual footwear segment by the specialized magazine, Shoe Intelligence (2010 figures).

Geox group applies a diversified distribution strategy characterized by a balanced mix of multi-brand stores (approximately 10,000 doors) and single- brand stores (1,099 Geox Shops1) managed directly (so called “Directly Operated Stores” or DOS) or in franchising in order to obtain a rapid penetration in the single markets and promote the Geox brand to the final consumer in a coherent way.