American Vintage

since 2005
Designer: Mickaël Azoulay
Place of origin: Marseille
Country of origin: France


Once upon a time...

Michaël Azoulay created the French brand American Vintage in 2005. Instinctive and curious, he sought his inspiration
in the streets of the world. He surrounded himself with a team of designers and reinvented the Basics.

He renewed T-shirts that are now part and parcel of any women’s wardrobe. Comprehensive and trendy, the collections are drawn in a pure style with authentic simplicity. In constant search for new materials and skilful blends of natural fibres, the garments are a fine, delicate wrap for the body.

The Basics are declined in a richly coloured palette with original pigmentary tons.

A collection inspired by nature… With fresh and authentic notes

New fabrics… 100% silk, hand-knitted cotton, silk/cotton blend, organic cotton voile…

All of our Basics are available in pastel and natural shades. Un nouveau venu dans la maison des basiques… un jersey supima, un t-shirt extra large, un débardeur col U et un t-shirt col V serré.

my summer fabric
Cotton voile with my micro-skirt.
Twill, diagonal lines, adds a feminine touch to little dresses in peach and lychee, and an outfit comprising a retro top in the style of a "bather" combined with a pair of micro-shorts. California Theme.

Very fine woven cotton voile for a baggy blouse with that "pinched from our man's wardrobe"-look, sleeves rolled up. San Francisco Theme. Striped twill in 100% organic cotton, marked with a little bolero cardigan and a blazer. California Stripe Theme.

My favourite dresses…
High-waisted dress, easy to slip on {BAT55}, Silk dress with spaghetti straps, Dress with buttons and belt in 100% linen and ankle-length long dress.

My series of blazers…
Sleeveless blazer to be worn with the over-vest, Summer fleece over a flamed t-shirt for a smart sports look and striped voile jacket for an urban feel.

My loose summer knits…
My loose short-sleeved jumper, also worn back-to-front, in woven cotton piqué or hand knitted for an uneven finish and my loose, sleeveless, cablestitch waistcoat.