Place of origin: Paris
Country of origin: France


Faith Connexion has a sexy, chic, rock’n’roll style, using simple cuts, elegant fabrics and sophisticated details. However, beyond this utmost attention paid to the clothing and its originality, Ilan Delouis is also driven by genuine values. These are often expressed through the short slogans written on the items of

clothing, and the success of Faith Connexion only goes to show how much these unshakable beliefs strike a sensitive cord amongst those who wear them.

Over a very short period of time, Faith Connexion has been able to conquer a demanding clientele in the USA, Japan, Russia and Europe, won over by its original positioning, combining a sophisticated style, a relaxed attitude, and a strong statement of universal values.

To ensure its well-established and long-lasting international development, Faith Connexion relies on a highly motivated team of twenty people, a network of agents, a thousand multibrand retail shops and, more recently, on its first « Faith Connexion » retail stores situated in Paris, Marseilles, Riga and Kuwait City.



Fall Winter 2015

« My adventurous Balmain experience made me fall in love with the inspiratio- nal people behind fashion. I discovered how clothes, just like clay or a paint brush are a means of expression of the vision our times... Prophecies. I discovered it had to be unleashed from the dictates of Marketing and dealt with uncompromised honesty. Just like the only obligation of an artist is to be free, Fashion needs to be free... Freed from Fall Winter, Spring Summer seasons, freed from multimillion dollars shows, freed from flagship stores and freed from star designers.

Just like our new world of images, Fashion is about moving to instant and true crea- tivity, immediate feelings, closer to function and simplicity, but elegant and electric. The whole industry of fashion is on the verge of a major revolution...

Through our places, our music studios, our art performances (Feito por Brasileiros, Demolition Party, Versailles, ..), we have gathered a creative tribe... Their energy is the ins- piration behind Faith Connexion, a boiling bucket of creativity. We believe that Fashion belongs to the street, to the interstice, the failures, the dumps, we are trying to extract this energy from the inner cities of Manchester, Marseilles or Chicago, keep its rawness, its simplicity in an elegant way. We want to attract all kinds of women or men with per- sonality; as long as they are sensitive and seduced by all forms of poetry (from Music to Mathematics), different people, simple people, but true people.

This is the purpose behind the Connexion, people together. Just as we have total faith in the individual talents while we know that in this new world order, the real power comes from working together.

Against all predictions, this era of dematerialization is teaching us to redefine and enjoy the physical world more than we ever did. It is opening our minds, to new colors, materials, styles, teaching us to mix them so easily. Giant concept stores and total looks are fading away revealing the true personality of each individual...

Faith wants to connect the physical craft, human work of fashion with the virtual world that is now surrounding us completely. Both are compatible, actually, they attract each other, they just have to speak the same language, stay on the same wavelength. BE HONEST. This is the purpose of our great Faith Connexion creative family.

We believe in the individual, but we believe that there is not only one genius. We believe that when put together they are stronger and unleashed. Music, Cinema, is since a long time not the result of a one man show anymore, why shouldn’t it be the same for fashion? Where does this lead us: the coolest chic.

We make up the perfect wardrobe of a plural woman who would have drawn most edgy multi brands store. In other words, the first brand acting like multi-brand. From Rap, to Reggae, Rock or Country, all influences can be mixed and matched. Timely intervention of artists, street artists and other guests add to the development of a multifaceted lifestyle in permanent reinvention.

The result? A fusion of codes and trends, which sign Faith Connexion’s silhouette. A studded swimsuit appears on the Red Carpet, a long Couture petticoat slips into a Rock Festival, a casual reversible jacket during the day becomes glitter at night, an impeccably built revisited blazer finds itself tagged all over... The Clash Cool fights the Clash Chic.»


Faith Connexion unveiled its first men’s line for the Autumn-Winter 2015 with a launch party during fashion week at the Hotel de Pourtales. The event included an art performance by Le H and Reyz, two uncompromising Parisian graffiti artists who created a capsule collection of jeans, t-shirts, and jackets.

The main collection reflects the aesthetic principles of Faith Connexion, which firmly believes that fashion belongs to the street. So the brand’s collective reworked all the classic themes that make up the wardrobe of the modern man, from rock ‘n roll through preppy style, military uniforms, sportswear, and a hint of glam. The hybrid of styles produced several standout pieces: track pants are made of lurex brocade; cargo pants are cut in corduroy or tartan-patterned wool; denim pants are spinkled with hologram paillettes, a loose, romantic frilled shirt is offered in a shiny tartan pattern, sweatshirts are laced up the sides.

The outerwear is particularly strong, going from classic Harris Tweed coats to a reversible shearling jacket in silver leather. The Finnish accessory designer Petteri Hemmilä crafted elegant feather brooches and striking belts adorned with studs and loops. This new line marks the forward march of Faith Connexion which, in 2014, reinvented itself as a purveyor of contemporary items for the 2.0. generation.

So Faith Connexion now functions as a collective, one that regularly welcomes new creative types.