Place of origin: Altopascio
Country of origin: Italy


The Peuterey brand, introduced in 2002, takes inspiration from the name of a crest on Mont Blanc, one of the most fascinating routes on the Alps. The close link with the theme of discovery and travelling explains the very soul of the brand, reviewing a practical and versatile “timeless sportswear” concept with a modern take.

Starting from the jacket, the primary element of the Peuterey wardrobe, a total look was developed through seasons, characterized by reliable and technically advanced items with a strong and recognizable identity, whose values of design, research on materials, and colour performance are interpreted with a stylistic approach bound to become iconic. It is not a mere chance that models like, among many others, Hurricane and Guardian, characterizing the brand’s history from the outset to the present day, continue to satisfy the taste of the brand’s fans and of a broader and broader public, who perceives the wishes, customs, and needs of contemporary lifestyle in the image of timeless and classical modern comfort conveyed by Peuterey.

Starting from the city and from the concept of the suit as a metropolitan uniform, the creative vision of Peuterey has managed to follow the continuous transfers of its main players: from big frantic international cities to slow-time holidays, from drinks in downtown streets to the discovery of new destinations and of the frontiers of a more and more dynamic and fast-paced world. The travel symbolism displays the deepest character of the brand, oriented towards an idea of comfortable, protective, cosy travelling luxury, which catches and conveys the wish for involvement and participation of modern travellers at each season, between breaks enjoyed in the currently most exclusive venues to solitary escapes to all latitudes.

Materials are ultra-light, the colour palette is evocatively varied, each individual detail is designed to accommodate different usage occasions, between business and leisure, in all climate conditions, in all urban or natural scenarios.

Peuterey is passion, half-way between high quality and technique, care for all functional details; expert hands shaping innovative fabrics. It is the elegant, yet sporty character of a global style, capable to follow all directions, always with comfort as the best travel mate.




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