since 1870
Country of origin: Australia


A little bit of History

Blundstone’s proud heritage now stretches over three centuries.

In 1853, brothers James and Thomas Cuthbertson set sail aboard the ‘Corramandel’ from England bound for Melbourne, Australia. Blown off course, the ship arrived in Hobart Town, Tasmania where the brothers set up shop. Using the skills and knowledge gained from the British footwear trade, James and Thomas started a business making shoes.

Around the same time John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart. John, being an experienced boot manufacturer, set up business. By 1902 his company, “John Blundstone and Son,” had been formed.

In 1932 the Cuthbertson brothers purchased “John Blundstone and Son” merging their manufacturing operations under the Blundstone name. Steady expansion followed.
During the post World War II period, Blundstone was at the forefront of machine-made footwear, pioneering the development of safety footwear.

Blundstone began exporting its products in 1969, establishing itself internationally in the South Pacific, Europe and North America. Blundstones are now found around the globe.

Synonymous with elastic sided boots worldwide, Blundstone Australia sell a wide range of footwear for all sorts of purposes – heavy work, light work, hiking, playing, rainy days, sunny days, city, country... - there’s a Blundstone for nearly every need!

Blundstone continues to be a 100% Australian family owned company based in Hobart, Tasmania.




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