Filippa K

since 1993
Designer: Nina Bogstedt
Place of origin: Stockholm
Country of origin: Sweden


We interpret fashion into wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces, that stand the test of time.

We design for ourselves and our friends, who live modern lives just like we do.

- Filippa Knutsson, Founder.

Simple fashionable garments with a clean design. Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine and long-lasting in both style and quality. That was the start of Filippa K in 1993 and is still the essence of the brand today. Based on real needs and real experiences, Filippa K offers fashionable style solutions for the challenges of modern life. By doing so we help women and men, on the move, to look fashionable and feel comfortable whatever the situation. The Filippa K brand philosophy is based on the values Style, Simplicity and Quality.

Our definition of the Filippa K style:

a genuine passion for simplicity.
modern, yet always stand the test of time.
uncomplicated and effortless.
long-lasting, both in design and quality.

Filippa K offers fashionable style solutions for people living modern busy lives. People who seek clean design and clothes with a perfect fit and high quality. Clothes that are easy to combine and create a modern wardrobe that makes modern life just that little bit easier. We dream of a perfect wardrobe. A piece for every moment. A purpose for every piece.




Filippa K style and presents a look that combines a contemporary take on 70’s cool with inspiration from the works of Henri Rousseau.

For Autumn Winter 2015 Filippa K explores the mystic ambiance of Henri Rousseau’s paintings – a world that is rich in colour and naturalistic in its expression. The search for an artisanal mood to contrast Filippa K’s long lasting and simple style resulted in materials that are rich in structure and decoration.

The French 70’s references are used in a way that is true to the brand’s core of timeless simplicity and style – best seen in the slim tops paired with wider pants on knitwear explores possibilities that go beyond sweaters and result in knitted dresses, jackets and skirts.

The collection continues down the path of material mixing and subtly clashing surfaces to create an interesting look. Lustrous brocade, matte brushed mohair and variations on luxurious faux fur are key seasonal materials. As is sustainable Satin Tencel and ribbed Tencel Wool jersey that has a timeless look and modern feel. Updated denim qualities add a contemporary edge to the sophisticated material selection.

The colour card consists of a range of warmer neutrals and a variety of greens, from muddy to pure. Accents are reds with a make-up, deep burgundbright lipstick red and lip-gloss pink.


A continuation of recent seasons quest to explore the style needs of the modern urban man, the Autumn Winter 2015 collection digs deeper into modern tailoring and contemporary functionalism for sharp dressing around the clock.

The collection presents updated essentials alongside new styles. The look is decidedly urban with reoccurring sport, street and military references subtly challenging the modern minimal DNA of the Filippa K Man style.

A new silhouette is introduced where slim fits are contrasted by more voluminous outerwear to achieve a cool contemporary shape. Varying length hemlines and contrasting materials are building blocks in creating a modern layered look. An introduction of selvedge denim fabrics and new washes has made the denim range even sharper.

In addition, a sharpened focus on exceptional quality and high functionality when it comes to materials is key – yarns and fabric are chosen to meet high demands. Variations of wools, meltons and bonded materials are important for tailoring. Water repellent coating and other functional finishes elevates the material selection further.

The colour palette shows a continued foundation of classic blues, greys and blacks. Added are a range of masculine greens and browns accented by reds ranging from burgundy to bright. Lighter neutral tones acts as sophisticated pop colours to complete the contemporary look.