Filippa K

since 1993
Designer: Nina Bogstedt
Place of origin: Stockholm
Country of origin: Sweden


We interpret fashion into wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces, that stand the test of time.

We design for ourselves and our friends, who live modern lives just like we do.

- Filippa Knutsson, Founder.

Simple fashionable garments with a clean design. Essential pieces to build a wardrobe around, easy to combine and long-lasting in both style and quality. That was the start of Filippa K in 1993 and is still the essence of the brand today. Based on real needs and real experiences, Filippa K offers fashionable style solutions for the challenges of modern life. By doing so we help women and men, on the move, to look fashionable and feel comfortable whatever the situation. The Filippa K brand philosophy is based on the values Style, Simplicity and Quality.

Our definition of the Filippa K style:

a genuine passion for simplicity.
modern, yet always stand the test of time.
uncomplicated and effortless.
long-lasting, both in design and quality.

Filippa K offers fashionable style solutions for people living modern busy lives. People who seek clean design and clothes with a perfect fit and high quality. Clothes that are easy to combine and create a modern wardrobe that makes modern life just that little bit easier. We dream of a perfect wardrobe. A piece for every moment. A purpose for every piece.


The women’s wear Spring Summer 2015 collection continues to explore the effortless style of Filippa K and presents a less tonal look then previous seasons; with a focus on a vibrant diversity in materials.

The lines are either close to the body with draped, pleated and folded details or generous and soft. The belted waist is an important feature this season where several styles come with a belt, but the look can also be achieved by adding a leather belt to your outfit.

The colour card consists of a range of warm beige tones, shades of white, powdery pinks and greys with playful accents of citrus yellow, strong green and blue. To complement this is a graphic black and white story in the form of prints and details.


The Filippa K Man collection for Spring Summer 2015 continues the modern, clean, sharp and urban style that epitomizes Filippa K Man.

The collection offers solutions for work, dressing-up and relaxing in both the smart-casual and sharp areas of life. The distinct Filippa K Man cut and look is what ties it all together into one style and coherent wardrobe. This season offers a Savile row touch to the tailored part of the collection. The blazer is an important, a hybrid key piece that is worn indoor and doubles as outerwear as well; a signature piece in double-breasted linen, as well as and in light wool for early in the season. The introduction of a new fit for trousers, slightly cropped and with a carrot shape, dominates the range.

There is strong focus on tactile, exclusive materials and we present a range of new qualities; for example several blends with linen and tencel. The colour card consists of a base of warm greys and beige tones tinted with grey. Blues range from light dusty blue to indigo and a dark blue-grey. accents are sharp blue, sporty deep green and warm yellow. The season ends with an array of broken whites.