since 1978
Country of origin: Italy



The colours and the world of surfing, combined with an urban and contemporary spirit, resonate throughout the new Spring/Summer 2014 Replay collection. URBAN SURF is a journey starting from the colourful Hawaiian beaches and veering off towards the coasts of Los Angeles, welcoming influences from the underground biker universe up to the pop hues of Miami.

It is through this journey that the Hawaiian landscapes eclipse blue seas, neutral sands, and shades and salt-stained prints, to create Replay Blue Jeans. This is an essential set of items sporting clean and soft lines, along with crinkly and warm textures. While in the City of Angels, shaping the Midnight Riders/Rugged theme, leather and metallic biker allure mingles with the tie-dyes and military style of modern-age hippie eco-lovers amidst the underground and street vibes of Venice Beach. And finally, in Miami the journey incorporates more pop tinged and vibrant colours capturing the fascination of scuba wetsuits and neoprene, of palm trees silhouetted against the blue skies, and of flocks of flamingos. This is the essence of Pop Surf for summer 2014.

So, we begin at Hawaii with the simplicity of the wave and the tube: that parallel universe of water and true freedom, where there are no rules, restrictions, or time constraints. This is Replay Blue Jeans, a line featuring all the shades reminiscent of the sea and the sand, soft and light spaces, as well as crinkly and warm textures. Here, the feeling exudes a lazy afternoon on the seashore awaiting the perfect wave.
Women are dressed with more femininity, asymmetry and unpredictability. They are given a loose fit using natural fabrics with a cool hand feel, unfinished edges and graded prints.
Menswear also stars images and colours of the sea on shirts, thus continuing the experimentation kick-started with the last collection. Shirts travel through all shades of denim – from the lightest, bleached tones to the deepest blue – and are printed in tone-on-tone hues, or aged and worn-looking, with corrosive stains evoking saltiness. T-shirts and knitwear have clean-cut simple shapes with unfinished edges and neutral colours, and are made in natural materials like cotton and linen which softly and lightly brush against the skin. This collection flaunts shades, delicate lines, trousers rolled up to the ankles for a relaxed and natural mood, shedding light on highly polished details and superlative materials.

The second stage of the journey is the eclectic Venice Beach, which inspired the theme Midnight Riders/Rugged, the strongest theme in the collection. This is where leather and studs are mixed with broderie anglaise, tie-dyes, military suits and cargo fashion for a totally contemporary surfin' style. For the female version, hippie nostalgia, very light tie-dye maxi dresses, military Salvation Army jackets, T-shirts with fringes, and all-over macros prints are coordinated with more aggressive features. These include cold-dyed leather, T-shirts encrusted with studs and stones, and shiny fabrics made to blend in with the most luxurious nightlife influences. Examples are the mini dress covered in graded macro sequins, or the denim and georgette maxi dress. This is the most fascinating, feminine and strong interpretation of the surfin' style.

Alternatively, the male version highlights the more energetic and biker’s side of his character, introducing military hints into the mix. Therefore, the leather jacket is matched with cargo pants, and the nylon bomber jacket is combined with biker's sleeves. The leather is cold-dyed. The T-shirts and shirts are sprayed in places, evoking saltiness marks. Everything is finely treated: the fabrics are crinkly and given all-over prints with an urban and casual mood, drawing from the strong flavours of the underground.

Finally, we visit the sunny beaches of Florida and Miami. Here scuba, macro prints with a batik flavour, intense hues, and mesh knitwear come together to represent a Pop Surf summer.
Women wear prints depicting palm trees, toucans and hibiscus, or large photographic images on soft or bright bleach-sponged trousers. The T-shirts are oversized, the lines asymmetrical, the colours vibrant, and the mix of materials unique. Knitwear features chunkier stitches, evoking fishing nets, without losing its lightness and pop colours. The world of scuba is also put into play, by borrowing rear zip and visual stitching constructions, along with materials such as lightweight neoprene giving shape to mini dresses embellished with sequins.