Salvatore Ferragamo

since 1927
Designer: Massimiliano Giornetti
Place of origin: Florence
Country of origin: Italy




Classic: timeless hence modern. Balance, moderation, harmony. Choosing clarity as a means of expression, Massimiliano Giornetti seeks pure forms in the new Salvatore Ferragamo collection. The focus is on lines, the texture of the material to create a noble and solemn portrait, marked by a feeling of lightness and unexpected austerity. The expertise and the supreme craftsmanship that are integral to the Florence maison are expressed in a synthesis that grounds and transfigures the past in a modern context.

The vibrant and lofty silhouette features midi hems and transmits a sense of vertical delicacy. The long double cotton cloaks and strapless dress with floating volumes terminate in high frills. Small rounded jackets are sculptured like architectonic spaces. The unequivocal female appeal of garments that envelop and knot around the body is ever present: bows are scattered along the profile of ample sleeves, ribbons lace-up on the back, all expressing a shy seductiveness. The classic patchwork of Salvatore Ferragamo reveals supreme bartack creations that open tears like revelatory geometry, or graphic constructions that create large modular weaves on skirts and tops.

Feathers and small ruffles unite in vertical lines on garments of impalpable liquidity, large frills follow the necklines, highlighting the shoulders. The pliss is the rhythm that articulates and flows. Clean lines punctuate the quest for graceful and archetypal femininity, highlighted by large pearl earrings and by necklaces in essential shapes decorated with large pearls.

The classic framework suggests a vigorous and chromatic selection of materials. The star is cotton, with its dry and steady hand, along with impalpable silk. The colour palette centres on the extreme opposites of black and white, accentuated with touches of rust, blue, vermillion, pink and green.

The accessories add a tone of lightness to the rigour, thanks to closed-toe sandals and low metal heels, small clean-designed shoulder bags and bucket bags that are enlivened by the cosmetic nuances of bubblegum pink, blue and bright yellow.


Personality, a convergence of signs. Eclecticism, an instinct. Lightness, an approach. For the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016 collection, Massimiliano Giornetti develops a concept of clashing rhythms. He shapes a style centred on refined imbalance and designed with idiosyncratic combinations and individual gestures. Sharp graphics and luxurious materials compliment abstract geometrics and organic textures, where aplomb and nonchalance merge into a perfectly balanced symphony of eclecticism.

The well-cut but dégagé lines underscore the dynamic surfaces enhanced by stripes, inserts and pinstripes that design multisensory pathways. The ‘everyday’ is enriched by a wardrobe conceived according to purposely misaligned precision: high-waisted trousers with a razor-sharp crease, short jackets and mackintoshes with a precise profile. Dry wool suits feature off-colour pinstripes enhanced by bold stitching. Seersucker or cotton shirts with broad stripes are matched with tailoring without ever converging completely. Broken stripes on compact sweaters alternate precious leather inserts and raffia embroidery while opposing geometric lines lend to exotic materials.

Cactuses and monkeys whimsically appear on patches and embroidery. The collection is designed by autonomous units but the overall aesthetic is the result of the instinctive combination of several factors to emphasize an enlightened carefree attitude. The soft, mellow colour palette merges dissonances into rhythmic harmony: brown, khaki, ochre and beige are heightened by splashes of turquoise, pink and cactus green. Black is the recurrent link that blends and mellows the palette.

A tactile collage is the distinctive feature of the accessories: sandals and gym lace- ups with high rubber soles and fringes on toecaps; straw bags and pouches with leather exteriors; eyewear with inner and outer temples featuring contrasting patterns; monkey-shaped charms and pendants to offset any sense of severity.


A collection that naturally enhances the exquisite techniques and masterly craftsmanship running through Salvatore Ferragamo's DNA. The stars are a host of brightly-coloured designs embellished with intricate weaving: the perfect match for the modern man seeking comfort and dynamism. Ultra-soft materials with a sensuous nappa texture come with natural finishes, creating flexible footwear which fits like a glove. Innovation is also seen in the metal details, such as a new Rhodium finish which glimmers like platinum, or multiple takes on the Gancio fastening.

Jewel details – above all the sophisticated “diamond” cut – adorn an assortment of buckles, calling to mind the great art of traditional Florentine jewellery, while refined antique finishes embellish leather in the collection’s more formal pieces. Weaving is the leitmotif throughout: from drivers to impalpable nappa leather slip-ons, turning into a detail on the uppers of the Tramezza shoe, with an extraordinary blend of craftsmanship and exclusive quality.

Summer and leisure are two major themes. Besides sandals and sneakers oozing relaxed charm, a line of canvas espadrilles revisits prints from the Ferragamo archive, such as the Greek motif in multi-coloured micro-weave suede or nappa-effect leather. The more casual part of the collection comes with multi-material soles in contrasting hues. Focused on lightness, the designs bring an ultra-modern new twist to historic shapes designed by Salvatore Ferragamo, including the now iconic Camping. Shades of Saxony Blue, Green, Aranciata, Cadmio Yellow, Cuoio, White New Spirit and Red brighten up a palette shot through with summery vitamin tones, achieving a perfect balance of the classic and informal.

Brand new this season is Ferragamo For All, an innovative range inspired by a new concept of unisex, cross-gender style. Best-selling men’s designs, such as Driver Parigi and Mason, come in a single colour for both men and women with the same sophisticated materials: patent leather, precious nubuck, velvet, calfskin and python. Iconic creations include sneakers with running soles and uppers in a mixture of materials and hues, plus stylish all-black evening running shoes studded with precious Swarovski crystals.


The collection stands out for a stunning new combination of creativity and craftsmanship. With the business world in mind on one hand, it reflects the needs of metropolitan globetrotters: bags sport multifunctional details, compartments and iPad, laptop or smartphone pockets. Streamlined designs in brand new bright colours include practical business bags with exclusive matching document cases and other accessories. On the other hand, there is an amazing choice of summer bags reworked with unique creative flair. Spacious unlined tote bags in hyper-soft leather and versatile materials such as nylon, plus ocean-inspired bags with the natural texture of canvas are enhanced by the sophisticated touch of prints borrowed from the scarf collection.

Easy to fold away so they are always to hand, these bags are designed to be used by men and women alike. Soft with on-trend deconstructed shapes, they are simple in style with minimal metal details. The colour palette is centred on bright summer hues, such as Saxony Blue, Red, Aranciata, Green, Cuoio and weathered-effect Taupe. Attention to detail – a theme seen throughout the collection – triumphs in the small leather goods. Distinctive elements are repeated, such as weaving and prints from the Ferragamo archive, accessories engraved with jewellery-making techniques and characterised by the bright glow of platinum and vivid hues.

Finally, belts - the evergreen stylish accessory - celebrate a return to classic style with special techniques for the square buckles: engraving, transparent-look resin coatings or the sparkle of the new Rhodium finish. A more casual line offers an enticing range of options including designed, interwoven, printed and stitched straps in bright colours with gold finishes.


The world of accessories is enriched with miniature lucky charms, the distinctive feature of the stunning new Salvatore Ferragamo collection for men. Included in the collection are brooches, pendants in antiqued brass and precious hand- enamelled artisan pieces produced with the lost-wax casting technique. Dual colour is the collection's unique trait, found here in all its versions. Cool references to tropical plants and sophisticated mini cactuses are turned into original pendants for necklaces, brooches and cufflinks.