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As the world blossoms with renewed life and energy come springtime, we greet it with a fresh attitude and a desire to explore and connect with nature. And when the days grow brighter, so do our wardrobes. In 2016, the look is young and fresh with a casual, flowing silhouette composed of loose skirts and a palette of pastels and blooming prints. Footwear is comfortable and easy-going with a light and elegant air, highlighting natural elements like large floral patterns, and rich leather details. White soles are paired with faded pastels to give sneakers and slip-ons a delicate summer feel, while bags are crafted from fine, coloured leather and designed to be quite roomy – all for a style that displays Danish simplicity, elegance and functionality in bright harmony.

Among the season’s most blooming styles is the ECCO SOFT 7 sneaker. Feminine yet casual, it is an ideal choice for the sun-kissed urbanista. The lightweight shoe features a modern flower print and stylish leather-details and the same sole as the classic Soft 7 for all-day comfort.


Chunky is the new black on the fashion scene. Fashionistas, “it girls” and bloggers alike are inviting heavy soles and oversized accessories into their everyday wardrobes and creating edgy, daring and personal looks. This season, the trend is evident in monochromatic sandals with eye-catching, chunky soles and soft, lightweight leather in smooth black and metallics, and not just for the fashionistas and “it girls”, but available for all fashion-interested women that wants comfortable and stylish sandal on the go.

Classic summer footwear finds an innovative, modern revival in the new “Hugly” style, which this season combines shiny leather finishes, metallic details and oversized hardware with comfortable, shock-absorbing PU wedge soles. These statement pieces are the ultimate choice for the urban, comfort-conscious woman who dares to join the fashion parade.

The ECCO FREJA W is a collection of wedge sandals in soft leather that are versatile enough for both casual wear and dressing up. Their super-light, direct-injected soles with a 45 mm heel, create the perfect foundation for the entire day.

Every urban fashionista needs a loyal friend she can always count on. The ECCO FREJA, a collection of super-light sandals with chunky, flat soles, is a match made in heaven, especially for ladies likely to be running about town on hot summer days. Choose the black leather style for a classic look or add a modern summery touch with the silver version.

The ECCO SCULPTURED BACKPACK is a versatile statement piece that embodies unpretentious casual chic. With adjustable leather straps, modern metallic details, and a convenient key ring strap, it’s the ideal city bag for a day in town.


After a season of being trapped indoors, we welcome spring by once again reconnecting with nature. Brighter fabrics and natural materials are key to the earthbound look that accompanies the transition. Shapes are organic, flowing and full of life.

Whether they dwell in the urban jungle or the countryside, women embrace a casual and feminine style as the weather warms up, easily slipping into moccasins with light cork heels and sandals with delicate metallic details to create an airy and natural summer look. The understated earth tones drift onto bags and accessories crafted from rich, natural and soft coloured leather, completing a holistic look that unites nature, comfort and style in perfect harmony.

The ECCO AUCKLAND is an easy-going slip-on perfect for creating the season’s natural look. The feminine style features light cork soles, metallic details, and breathable laser-cuts. Pair it with flowing maxi dresses or casual ripped jeans. Either way, you’ll find the versatile shoe to be the perfect summer companion for all-day wear.

For hot summer days spent sightseeing or biking through the countryside, the ECCO TABORA 45 and 15 are ideal choices. The light leather sandals with laser-cut and metallic details feature cork soles – a comfortable, on-trend design feature that also signals a connection with nature. The TABORA 45 features elastic straps and a zipper by the heel, whereas the TABORA 15 has leather straps and a Velcro closure.

Complete the season’s carefree ensemble with a roomy ECCO HABRA shopper crafted from premium washed canvas and finished with thick leather details on the zipper and handle.

The ECCO HANDA CLUTCH WALLET is the perfect accessory for a casual day on the beach or a city stroll in search of cooling refreshments. Crafted in premium natural leather, it is the finishing touch for the au naturel look.


Contrasts have never been more evident on the fashion scene than they are right now. Masculine meets feminine. Chunky meets delicate. And raw meets soft. This season, ECCO wraps the contrasting trend around handy essentials like wallets, crossbody bags and the ever-useful bucket backpacks – all crafted in strong yet fine-looking nubuck leather.

The soft leather is known for its exceptional durability and velvety surface. Two opposites that, when combined, create the ultimate material for essential accessories. ECCO’s careful craftsmanship comes alive in the collection of nubuck bags in soft, organic shapes with a minimalist finish – the epitome of Danish design, and a fashionable, understated accent to any outfit. Coloured in nude and earth tones, the bags blend beautifully with spring and summer’s soft looks while standing out as high-quality statement pieces.

The backpack is lighting up the fashion radar as an “it” item. The ECCO HANDA backpack in fine, nude-coloured nubuck leather is both feminine and durable, making it a versatile choice for everything from shopping to the office and beyond. The ECCO HANDA series also features a wallet and a crossbody bag, so whatever the occasion, you have all the stylish nubuck staples you need.


Pretty in pink. Pink perfection. Pastel power.
Pink, nude and other gentle, feminine colours will rule the spring fashion agenda. The looks are soft, clean and, with their complementary white details, have a distinctly Scandinavian feel.

Just as you welcome the fresh spring air, allow the season’s subtle palette to lend modern femininity to clean, minimalist looks. Or combine multiple shades to create a modern fusion of pretty pastels. The innocent hues allow experimenting with edgy shapes, which appear softer when kept on the pink scale. Boxy jackets and shirts with asymmetric neck openings or triangular handbags in rich nubuck leather become fashion-forward statement pieces that attract attention without being too loud. Sporty shoes, too, benefit from the pastel treatment, becoming bright and graceful with pale pink leather details and white soles.

The ECCO DYNAMIC MOC is a classic moccasin and the perfect stylish, casual and comfortable addition to the timeless summer cardigan-and-capris look.

Give the girly pastel look some edge with the ECCO BAHAMA slip-on inspired by urban youth fashion. Crafted in faded grey nubuck leather and featuring elastic details and a contrasting white sole, it’s the perfect dress-down shoe to pair with light, feminine summer dresses.

The ECCO CS14 has quickly become an urban all-star. This season, the stylish sneaker with direct-injected soles has undergone a feminine makeover and steps out in soft leather in faded pink.

The ECCO TAISHA is a super light and flexible leather slip-on with low-cut details and a leather insole – the perfect finishing touch to a feminine summer look.

An all-pink look calls for pink accessories to dot the i’s. The ECCO SCULPTURED FOLDING TOTE & PYRAMID clutch is not only girly and eye-catching in its soft-pink leather, but is also an undeniable fashionable statement thanks to its pyramid shape.



Men’s choices in laid-back clothing – though occasionally haphazard and often unexpected – succeed in creating the unique male sartorial style that makes casual irresistible. Faded jeans paired with a plaid shirt under a light pullover effortlessly come together with the right shoes and belt for the evening hours. For daytime outings, cargo-style Bermuda shorts with a simple round-neck tee and sneakers are all it takes for him to own that coveted effortless summer style.

Sneakers are really the key to the casual “street” look, and the right pair can complete the wardrobe. Fine leather details on easy-going, sporty footwear (as well as on casual canvas bags) infuse elements of the laid-back youth culture into Scandinavian-inspired wardrobes marked by luxury, quality and stylish understatement. To give your casual walk a boost and go from street to chic in one swift move, add finer details with leather belts, statement shades and high-end watches.

The ECCO COLLIN sneaker in nubuck leather features perforated leather and light-brown leather details by the heel and laces. Express your personal style with the light version for dressier occasions or retro brown for quirky, fun times.

The ECCO COLLIN sneaker in nubuck leather features perforated leather and light-brown leather details by the heel and laces. Express your personal style with the light version for dressier occasions or retro brown for quirky, fun times.

The ECCO IOWA, a classic shoe in oiled nubuck leather, is defined by its detailed stitching and bold white sole. Perfect for those who want to boost the style factor of their streetwear without making too much of a fuss.

When going casual this season, pay attention to the accessories and make them work for you. The ECCO FINLEY CROSSBODY with premium leather details signals a man who knows what to wear and how to wear it. The understated bag is easy on the go thanks to its practical, flexible crossbody function.

They say you can judge a man by his shoes. Today, many men stand with one foot in camp casual while the other maintains formality, calling for footwear that signals both comfort and class.

Classic moccasins in rich-coloured suede leather easily satisfy both sides. These versatile must-haves are an ideal semi-formal choice for everyday wear – but their appeal doesn’t end there. The understated style also taps into the urban-ethnicity trend, integrating native elements into the modern wardrobe to bring a touch of ancient heritage to today’s streamlined world.

Moccasins easily dress up or down to match the setting and attire du jour. Teamed with formal trousers and chinos, the soft slip-ons create a classic casual Friday office look. For parties or dinner gatherings, they act as an elegant alternative to traditional black leather shoes, delivering a smart ethno-chic twist or creating a tonal, dusty-coloured accent with references to native soil and nature.

Express both fashion flair and personality with the ECCO SUMMER MOC – a classic moccasin in new seasonal colours. The style features box stitching and a significant moccasin outsole, with a leather inner soles and printed textile lining securing comfortability and style. An ideal, easy-going shoe for both business and pleasure.

To stay on top of days filled with appointments, meetings and dates, you need to be able to keep track of all your on-the-go gear. The smart, stylish ECCO EDAY makes it easy to stow and find everything you need, from your laptop to your meeting notes, and offers a practical crossbody strap to boot.

To keep your smaller on-the-go essentials close at hand, grab the ECCO ELY SMALL CROSSBODY. It’s smart. It’s casual. And it’s a must for completing the moccasin look.


During the warmer months, as we juggle being both office-appropriate and happy hour-ready, we seek ensembles that are simultaneously light, breathable and stylish.

How to create that breezy yet polished look? Perforated black leather makes it easy. From summery loafers to classic slip-on sandals and minimalist messenger bags, the multi-dimensional material adds a fashionable airy feel to everything it touches. Let the perforated perfection en pied shine from beneath light, pressed linen trousers or alongside a blazer jacket with casually rolled up sleeves, and be effortlessly equipped to make the transition from the conference room to drinks in the evening sun.

Casually slip into summer mode with the ECCO COLLIN slip-on or sandal with laser-cut perforations. Both made from nubuck leather with direct-injected soles, the ECCO COLLINS are stylish and comfy choices for all your summer adventures.

The ECCO GORDON messenger bag, classic in its silhouette, gains an edgy profile through its laser-cut details. Wear it to keep a stylish hold of your essentials when transitioning from day errands to night endeavours.

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