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Since 1983 Origin: Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Here you find opening hours, addresses and more about shops for SWATCH in Lille. SWATCH produces Watches. The label was founded in Biel/Bienne in 1983.

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This year, Swatch took some time to study abroad, but this too-cool-for-school brand majored in culture, art, fashion and fun and skipped the lecture halls. The street-beat styles of the Fall-Winter Collection 2015 are loud and exotic, each moving to the tick of its own movement; these bright and bouncy timekeepers make a statement about the beautiful things that can be created when the cultures of the world are combined!

Modern with a clean-cut fashion sense, sleek Tech-Mode is creatively machined and is a tad more serious with stealth style and contemporary panache. If Tech-Mode is understated then Sport Mixer is quite the opposite, grabbing attention left and right with go-getter color blocks that steal the limelight. Playful patterns and lively mojo make Exotic Charm something worth meditating about. Bold Street Energy lets your wrist do the talking with not-so-secret messages that are exceptionally expressive. Après-Ski is preppy and posh on and off the slopes and its winter-themed glam is the stuff of holiday dreams. Grüezi All! lets you Swiss your wrist and proves that life’s greatest pleasures start with CH – chocolate, cheese and chalets.


Giving a whole new meaning to “factory setting”, Tech-Mode is clean and classy with textured looks that play with light and produce smiles.

Masculine TEXT-URE (SUOM102) and BUCHETTI (SUON113) stray from the norm with looks that demand a double take. Dizzying in dramatic orange, MULTI BROSS (SUOO702) has a sleek and shiny dial with a polished personality.

Statement-making Sport Mixer wants to be seen and its abstract and eccentric pairings place it smack dab in the centre of attention and on the top of the podium.

A COTÉ (GB286) and DE TRAVERS (LW146), slightly twisted and a little off-kilter, are so obviously Swatch with their perfect misprint. CAMORANGE (LO108), CAMOVERT (LG128) and CAMOJAUNE (LJ110) put the pop in pop culture with neon-camo combos that are the life of the party. Pretty in pink, blue and yellow, HAPPY DOTS (SUUK108) is a new take on the Scuba with a playful polka-dot pattern that packs a punch.

BEE-DROID (YYS4008) and DARKONY (YYS4006AG) take the game seriously. Their unexpected highlights and handy stopwatch functions have earned these watches a perfect score. Clad in color with a zesty energy, STRETCH (YES4009) is good to go and has no desire for a single time-out.


One look at the Grüezi All! collection and you’ll have to stop yourself from yodeling out loud! Swatch pays a tribute to its homeland with a selection of super Swiss styles that reflect the heritage of the small-but-mighty country.

Take a dip in MOITIÉ-MOITIÉ (SUOW118), a fun take on cheese fondue – the famous Swiss dish. Break me off a piece of that SCHOGGI (GC114) Swatch! Highlighting one of the country’s most delicious sweet treats, this deliciously good-looking wristwatch is the ultimate souvenir.

Reminiscent of a ski-weekend in the Alps, GORNERGRAT (GM183) is cozy with a knit sweater and cap. DIE GLOCKE (GB285) and MUUU (YCS585) tell the story of Switzerland’s countryside, where cows roam the pastures and offer moos to happy hikers passing by.


Vivacious and centered, harmonious Exotic Charm is feminine and just in time for a relaxing savasana surrounded by sunrays. Om…

BLUE POETRY (GW171) exudes beauty with a serene white and blue bohemian design. BREATHE (GW172) keeps your chakras in line and is a divine complement to a true yogi’s glow. Radiating positive energy with vibrant colors, SHANTARAM (SFV109) has a passion for life and a desire to dance.

Malachite is known as a “mirror of the soul” and supposedly has the ability to reflect a person’s inner positive and negative feelings. Strapped to your wrist, MARMORA VERDE (SUOB122) will highlight your happiness, and your impeccable fashion sense. Swatch’s take on the gemstone is bound to make those around you green with envy. MARMOR (SUOB123) inspired by that cracked look and smooth feel of marble is just as classy as it is hardcore.

UNCINETTO (SUOV102), TRICOTIME (SUOK114) and CENTRINO (SUOS104) each have their own hippie look with colors that recall a summer sunset, white sand beaches or deep blue waters. Each has an intriguing tale as well – the patterns printed on Swatch’s signature silicon straps come from pieces of fabric that were woven by hand.

Whatever happened to expressing ourselves with words? Street Energy puts whatever is on your mind, on your wrist.

Heart pounding and butterflies in your stomach? LOVE WALL (SUOB125) reveals true love feelings with graffiti-style flair, keeping it simple with black and white while CLOCKWISE (SUOW117) sends a Swatch-y message with an eye-catching color scheme to keep you feeling happy. A touch of ‘90s style with its very own catchphrase, WHEN-EVER (GB284) cops a ‘tude and struts its stuff with a pointed “whatever”.

When it comes to slope style, Après-Ski has it made with luxurious designs that go hand-in-hand with a day spent lounging at the chalet.

TINKLE WINKLE (LK348A/B) and BOULE D’OR (LK349G) are posh with their glitzy winter-time glamor and take their inspiration from the most stunning snowflakes. Funky and fresh CHALKBOARD LOVE (SUBB127 A/B) and SNOW BAR (SUBW113 A/B) know how to have a good time and not so much as a snow day can slow them down. To keep toasty warm and looking hot in the most frigid temperatures, TUTTO PELO (YGS130) has got your wrist covered. This swanky snow bunny is ultra-feminine with a lavish strap that will definitely turn heads.

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