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ATLANTIC: The elegance of deep navy and steel grey paired with brass hardware. Sturdy valiance for observant individuals.

LAND: A touch of powerful army green is matched by woven textured canvas. Forged together by resilient brass hardware. Wintry soil, rustic tones and underplayed knit surfaces, underline its casually robust yet sleek feel.

VOLCANO: The encounter of blacks, oranges and a hint of subtle off-white paired with black gun-metal hardware, makes for a sportsmanlike appearance. Graphic and powerful, these pieces comfortably support interaction on the move.


A sense of sophistication fosters appeasing functionality. Understated dark greens, deep blacks, are positioned carefully along strong wool surfaces, leather trims and polished silver hardware. The curation of daily business lives is enhanced here through tactile opulence, ever rich in utility.


Nature serves as a powerful reminder of the need for humbleness. This is ever apparent in the diverse volcanic crafted vistas of Iceland. Dark battered soil, frames the chalky rocky shores whereas green stretched flatlands appear rimmed by thin roads, serving as innocent page dividers. It is this natural state of meditation and solemn slumber, that gives way to tactility, contrast and Nordic reflection.

The seasonal cycle. Captured here in underplayed tones, sharp contrasts, sublime techniques, always with sensible proud purpose. Each piece is architected to last and escort you along pleasantly onto new horizons.

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