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Since 1860 Origin: Sonvilier, Switzerland

Here you find opening hours, addresses and more about shops for Chopard in Walnut and surroundings. The label was founded in Sonvilier in 1860.

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Happy Sport 36mm
Happy Summer!

Vivid colours, joie de vivre and a vibrant personality! Because life is too short to be lived in monochrome, Chopard presented at Baselworld 2016 a Happy Sport model fitted with a strap you can change yourself, in step with your moods and the changing seasons. With the arrival of summer, bright new colours are further enlivening the new Happy Sport 36mm.

It has always been incredibly alluring: Happy Sport is a true style icon that has been playing the mix & match game since 1993, freely mixing genres, steel and diamonds, the timeless and the ephemeral. Its visionary, avant-garde designer Caroline Scheufele had imagined an extremely beautiful watch that was anything but formal. Precious, yet resolutely sporty. Conventions have never been its thing! This joyful, independent, mischievous and eminently modern timepiece makes light of codes and trends.

A pluralistic watch

A heritage of simplicity and a penchant for boundless fancies: here comes the new Happy Sport. In a spirit of do-it-yourself customisation, it offers women the possibility of changing the strap of their watch in the comfort of their home and whenever they feel like it. Matching, mismatching, energising, soothing, dreaming: anything goes.

Colour, the essential element in any wardrobe that varies according to the wearer’s mood, plays a key role in this watch with its steel case, infusing a fresh sense of energy with each new strap. The latter is made of rubber and serves as a reminder that mixing and matching materials lies at the very heart of the free-spirited and playful Happy Sport identity. Black and white, the enduring basics, are the two strap colours supplied with the watch.

As the seasons come and go, Chopard reveals new and ephemeral on-trend colours. For summer, sky blue, sea green and bright orange vie with each other to embrace the Happy Sport 36mm with its interchangeable strap system.

On the back of the strap, nestling against the skin, the Chopard mantra “Be Happy” inscription distils its message like a secret lucky charm.

But the very essence of the Happy Sport naturally lies in the famous moving diamonds, whirling between two sapphire crystals and free from any setting. In this interpretation of the concept, they perform their graceful dance against a classic yet contemporary smooth white dial backdrop.

Chopard presents its daring Haute Joaillerie during the Paris Haute Couture Week

A year after joining the Fédération Française de la Couture in January 2015 as a Jewellery member, Chopard is showcasing its latest Haute Joaillerie creations as part of the Paris Haute Couture week.

Haute Couture and Haute Joaillerie share the fundamental values of creativity, excellence and expertise. In becoming a Jewellery member of the Fédération Française de la Couture, Chopard chose the most beautiful means of highlighting the talent and the exceptional work of its jewellery artisans. On January 27th and 28th 2016, Chopard will once again testify to this alliance by presenting the latest creations crafted within its Haute Joaillerie ateliers in Geneva. Just as Haute Couture’s ‘petites mains’ (gifted seamstresses) lovingly assemble elaborately ornate fabrics to invent surprising gowns, the Haute Joaillerie artisans at Chopard once again demonstrate their virtuosity and their technical genius by associating vividly coloured precious stones, gold and titanium.

Boldness and traditional expertise

Cleverly mingling traditional and modern techniques, the Geneva-based Maison unveils three splendid cuff-bracelets graced with sparkling colourful gems set on titanium – a metal chosen for its distinctive characteristics. Alongside its inherent lightness, titanium offers the advantage of lending itself to being coloured in a broad palette of shades. It therefore matches the colours of the stones with which it is adorned, thereby accentuating their brilliance, their radiance and their strength.

Each of these three bracelets features a different inspiration and design and their crafting calls for a blend of extreme creativity and ingenuity. The first bracelet is like a flight towards spring: two butterflies made of topazes, Paraiba tourmalines and amethysts are perched gracefully on gem-set titanium foliage. In step with changing seasons and occasions, these two butterflies may flutter away: detached from their leafy bracelet, the wings of the first are transformed into an exquisite pair of earrings, while the second can become a brooch. This cuff-bracelet thereby delivers a complete jewellery set in one.

The second cuff bracelet skilfully combines 18-carat white gold and titanium in a precious interlacing pattern of amethysts, emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines and sapphires. The use of titanium makes this bracelet as light as lacework and even leads one to forget the very presence of the gem-setting due to the colouring of the metal.

Finally, the third bracelet is composed of two rows of flowers with pear-shaped diamond petals. This bracelet sparkles with subtly graded shades of blue sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines and white diamonds set on titanium in matching colours.
The original and mysterious creations composing the Haute Joaillerie collections
To round off this stunning selection, Chopard is also unveiling a splendid necklace: a constellation of titanium and precious red and blue stones whose centrepiece is a 14-carat pear-shaped tanzanite.

A pair of earrings also features the surprising use of sculpted jade, along with emeralds and diamonds. In addition, the “Fleurs d’Opales” ring collection continues to blossom with enchanting grace. After launching the three first flowers with opal hearts during the Paris Haute Couture Week in July 2015, the jeweller now enriches its mysterious bouquet with three new rings. Adorned like their predecessors with a majestic central opal, they unfurl their precious petals across an exquisite gold and titanium structure.

Haute Joaillerie Collections at Chopard

Born from the instigation of Caroline Scheufele, co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, and under her guidance, Haute Joaillerie has developed in a truly spectacular fashion at Chopard over the past few years. It currently collections such as the Animal World, The Red Carpet and The Green Carpet, which showcase the expertise of artistic crafts placed in the service of unmistakably modern artistic inspiration. Haute Joaillerie constitutes a true centre of excellence within Chopard, which masters every stage in their creation, from design through to production and finishing.

A combination of artistic crafts

Behind each of these creations is a story of hands: those of the nimble-fingered, patient and inventive artisans who have successively played their own crucial roles. These exceptional pieces have drawn upon the skills of every Haute Joaillerie craft: designers, wax jeweller-sculptors, jewellers, lapidaries, gemsetters, polishers… From lines to volumes and using gold or precious stones, they infuse life into this jewellery by combining their talents.

The smooth, complementary interaction between the different skills is facilitated by uniting more than 30 crafts under the same roof. They represent a wealth that the Scheufele family carefully nurtures, by focusing on the transmission of knowledge and training from generation to generation. Chopard is keenly aware that the most precious heritage is above all human.

Fleurs d’Opales

New creations bloom in Chopard’s mysterious gardens

Inspired by enchantment and exalted by the artistic crafts cultivated by Chopard in Geneva, six exceptional floral rings feature the legendary opal. The first three pieces of this capsule collection were unveiled in July 2015 in Paris and Chopard is presenting three new creations during the Paris Haute Couture Week in January 2016.

Because a magic spell wouldn’t be one without a degree of mystery, the opal has journeyed through history while losing none of its power to fascinate. Opulent, smouldering and flamboyant, it consistently fuels fantasies and the collective imagination. Today, it shines in a collection that is entirely in harmony with its aura. In Chopard’s extraordinary garden, wonderful opal flowers have blossomed, combining titanium or zirconium with sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, rubies, spinels and black diamonds. After Animal World, Chopard is exploring the plant world and its many wonders.

The result is unique pieces with a design which is testimony to the genius of goldsmithing exercised at its highest level, mirroring the artistic crafts in Haute Couture. The opals used for this exceptional capsule collection are traceable and come from a sustainable supply that complies with ethical and environmental criteria. Chopard is proud to work with the Aurora Gems opal mine, a family-owned business founded in 1962 at the outback of Australia. The Hatcher family at the helm of Aurora manages the mining, polishing and sale of their opals, without any outsourcing whatsoever, thereby guaranteeing total traceability.

The opal, from stone to exceptional jewel
By turning his opal ring, Gyges became invisible. From the dawn of time, Greek and Roman mythology has represented the opal as a stone considered to have magic powers. From the Middle Ages to the Second Empire, the opal has suffused history with its fiery radiance and has never ceased to nurture its own myths. Powerful and subtle, resplendent and iridescent, the opal fascinates with its own special light that seems to imbue the stone with a life of its own. Its mobile nature, changing colours and elusive reflections have led the opal to be considered a symbol of wholeness, a sacred manifestation.

Chopard has masterfully captured the complexity and power of the opal. The Geneva Manufacture has orchestrated an encounter between this stone with its thousand secrets and contemporary creation. A collection of six rings, resembling vibrant talismans, demonstrate all the dreamy romance that jewellery can convey when shape and material create a perfect alchemist’s blend. During the Paris Haute Couture Week, Chopard is raising the curtain for the second act of this collection by revealing the last three creations.

The creations

Mysterious. Precious. Dangerously captivating… Chopard’s opal flowers whisper secrets from the depths of time and bear the stamp of an age-old beauty. All three set the scene for the precious black opal associated for example with titanium. The latter is an extremely light metal that may be coloured with a wide range of hues, providing scope for all manner of fanciful interpretations. It takes on its full dimension when appearing alone, or else may be rendered invisible beneath a subtle gemsetting. Meanwhile, zirconium is making its first appearance in Chopard Haute Joaillerie creations: its hardness enables extremely high-precision workmanship.

Chopard presents three new rings with a spring overtone. The first highlights a 10.7-carat black opal majestically enthroned in the centre of titanium petals adorned with tsavorites, pink sapphires and demantoid garnets. The second is graced with a 14-carat white opal – a first in the collection – nestling amid diamond-set titanium petals evoking an imaginary flower. The third and last ring of this trio features a 9-carat black opal surrounded by pistils in engraved and brushed blue titanium. The large petals set with diamonds, pink sapphires and spinels, mounted on a ring set with demantoid garnets, instil this opulent flower with a foretaste of Spring.

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