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bellybutton baby and children’s clothing autumn/winter 2015/2016
Organic cotton and new product features set new standards

The bellybutton design team is setting new, ecological standards this season by using 100% natural cotton. Furthermore, there are various new product features: ranging from the new hang tag und additional tag to the newly developed logo snap fasteners, logo eyelets and leather labels for trousers, as well as especially developed zip fasteners. This autumn, bellybutton offers a multitude of ways to mix and match and accessorize throughout the collection. Not only are combinations possible within a group of colors, but also amongst the respective groups. Individual focus pieces are guaranteed highlights. Thus, the new collection offers retailers various options for their product presentation.

Baby 0 – 8 months (sizes 56 – 86)

This season, the baby collection again relies on bellybutton’s proven quality. By using 100% organic cotton, bellybutton consciously rejects chemical additives. Moreover, the shirt- and sweatware has a peach finish treatment and is pre-washed, and so achieves a baby- friendly, soft quality with a supersoft feel. Once again, the entire collection is based on three color schemes: beige, grey and blue. In keeping with the winter season, the interplay of colors features darker colors than in summer. Shades of grey go as dark as the color phantom, shades of blue as dark as navy. Throughout the baby section, however the color scheme beige includes only light, middle and mélange shades. The basis colors are snow white and light grey mélange. Highlights are constituted by the three striking colors Rio red (warm shade of red), Sudan brown, (dark ochre), as well as limoges (winter blue). Finally, the typical NOS pastels are offered this season too.

Motifs also play an important role this season: the typical “bellybutton” star dominates the entire collection. Nonetheless, printed and embroidered motifs (plain-colored), as well as loop motifs give the collection a clear, cool look. Allover prints provide a contrast to triangles, lettering and plains.

After its success in summer, the bellybutton body shirt is once again part of the collection this season. Generally, the new baby collection focuses on comfortable jogging pants and legging styles. The cuddly “growing with me” baby trousers, available in all striking colors, are also offered as outdoor trouser models made of rustic corduroy fabrics with soft, practical Lycra cuffs.

Once again this season, bellybutton pays attention to wide neck openings throughout the baby section, which make getting dressed easy thanks to their comfortable cut. New crotch buttons offer absolute convenience for changing diapers. Thanks to new trendy yarns and knitting styles, knitwear constitutes a further highlight of the collection, while fashionable accents are set by baby-friendly jacquard patterns. A further feature this winter is the new “bellybutton soft jeans”-collection of the NOS section. The denim garments, ranging from dungarees, button-down shirts to dresses, are perfectly convenient for babies due to their extremely soft quality and their casual and cool cut. The denim series is presented in the colors blue and grey denim and so fits in with the all the color scheme of the entire collection. Another novelty is practical baby outdoor bags, available in all striking colors. Finally, bellybutton offers baby snowsuits and –jackets this year, as well, with warm, cozy fur lining in the colors beige, grey and blue.
Topics: outdoor bags, striking, DNM BABY, Shooting Star, Nicky, Terry, Rhombus, Snow Star, wood knit, Sun Moon Stars, Cats, Robot, Snow Stripe Star, Blue Stripes, Blue, Blue Letters, Planes.

Colors: beige, grey, blue, snow white, light grey mélange, Rio red, Sudan brown, limoges, blue denim, grey denim, monument, light grey, confetti mélange, pastels (NOS)

Fabrics: lambkin trousers, Nicki velour and terrycloth fabrics, cuddly fake furs, new knitting yarns, micro polar fleece, washed corduroy fabrics, as well as double-face and soft jeans.

Minis 4 – 24 months (sizes 68 – 128)

Just like the baby collection, the mini collection will wow you with excellent fabrics, like the peach finish. T-Shirts include Lycra and offer a high wearing comfort. The Minis place special emphasis on the colors beige, grey and blue, where only the shades of beige reach the intensity of dark chocolate. For the motifs, plain-colored prints offer a clean look: they include stars, sun/cloud and dots. There are kittens and jacquards for the girls, and robots, space ships and pixel figures for the boys. More loop embroideries can be found on sweatshirts and striking sweats.

Mini Boys

This year the boys can look forward to new outdoor pieces: parkas with detachable fake fur on the hood, as well as anoraks with fake leather effects. They are combined with jeans in various washes, ranging from dirty to grey. In addition to the jeans, bellybutton offers trousers made of over-dyed corduroy and lined cotton trousers this season, for keeping extra warm. The outdoor section focuses on polar fleece and knitted pullovers and cardigans with new yarn effects, with some outdoor fabrics, come into play. Other highlights are cuddly flannel button-down shirts with a distinctive check design and detachable hood and casual jackets in over-dyed rustic corduroy and the colors dark grey and chocolate brown. The shirts and sweats are especially soft due to their peach finish and bellybutton offers them in mélange shades or overdyed used-looks. Additionally, more shirts, sweats and knitted cardigans are provided in striking colors.

Mini Girls

The new outdoor collection is also available for girls: in addition to real down jackets, coats are offered with glitter and varnish effects, as well as fake fur coats. Furthermore, dresses made of knitwear, corduroy or sweat fabrics play an important role throughout the range. Loop turtle necks provide little highlights and make a wintery outfit out of every dress, sweat pullover or knitted pullover. In addition, cool beanie hats, matching leggings and knitted leg warmers perfect the autumn/winter look.
The key elements of the new girls’ collection are trendy jogging pants, casually combined with matching sweatshirts or –jackets and long shirts. Furthermore, bellybutton offers highly elastic jeans trousers in various washes, like dirty or grey and in over-dyed velveteen fabrics for the girls. Matching striking variants give little and large color highlights.

Topics: Cool Flash, Striking Knit, DNM MINI, Girls-Anoraks-Coats-Trousers, Striking Girls, Beige Girls, Brown, Phantom Girls, Geometry, Grey Girls, Girls Blues, Boys-Parkas-Anoraks- Trousers, Beige Boys, Phantom Boys, Striking Grey, Check Blue, Blue Loop, Black Iris

Colors: beige, grey, blue, snow white, light grey mélange, confetti mélange, Rio red, Sudan brown, limoges, blue denim, grey denim, pastels (NOS)

Fabrics: organic cotton, peach-finish, Lycra, fur, downs, micro polar fleece, flannel, flat knitting, over-dyed velveteen, corduroy, soft jeans, denim

The baby and mini collection provides 18 topics and 327 articles.

The entire range is available on the website, as well as in specialist retail stores. For further information go to

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