since 1993
Designer: Andrea Karg
Place of origin: Munich
Country of origin: Germany



In the beginning there was amazement. As a much sought-after model, Andrea Karg came into contact with cashmere, and fell head-over-heels in love with it. Andrea was amazed that this most sensous of yarns was only used to create plain, dull v-neck pullovers and cardigans, and saw a missed opportunity.

The law graduate resolved for success. Under the name Allude, Andrea created a company specialising in cashmere, which quickly became established as a recognised trademark. The Allude designs have a strong presence, creative and sexy, but subtle in execution. Andrea Karg is passionate about the female body and women as people. This passion is driven by art, family, music, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle that continously inspires.

FW 2014-15
Aristo Bohemian

The yearning for security and the allure of reclaimed luxury does not stand in contradiction to an individual yet elegant style. Aristo Bohemian expresses vivacious gracefulness, capturing the current fascination with strong female personalities.

The new Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by the contemporary female spirit, while at the same time drawing more strongly than ever on haute couture. In terms of craftsmanship, I have taken traditional techniques and brought them into the present day. It was important to me to incorporate the clear signature of Allude with opulent plaits and braids, making full use of the structure and possibilities of cashmere. Each piece I have created is truly unique, yet they all follow a clear line and belong together. The collection features raw cashmere, intriguingly irregular surfaces created by hand-stitched details, fringes and hand-knitted elements.

The muted colour palette comprises various shades of grey, black, white and brown, which beautifully emphasises the ornate structures. Each piece is a statement.

In my view, the modern woman in strikes a positive balance between elegance, grace, achievement, perspicacity and tradition. As a woman, you simultaneously exist in several of different worlds, mastering everything from a professional career to motherhood. Such strong protagonists need an outfit in which they feel at ease and protected in every situation.

My collection is like a modern form of armour in which you can comfortably navigate your way through life. It provides structure and a feminine silhouette, yet without being restrictive in any way. My creations are for women who are accustomed to high standards and approach life with both passion and elegance.

The collection is not only designed to create a stir on the runway, but is also conceived for daily life. After all, it is a person’s unique elegance and charm that provides the final perfect touch to any outfit.

Andrea Karg