Massimo Dutti

since 1985
Country of origin: Spain


Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 and was acquired by Inditex in 1991. It now has over 792 stores in more than 71 countries.
The brand was originally aimed at men's fashion. Starting in 1995, women's fashion was launched in all its dimensions: from the most urban lines to the more casual. With this, Massimo Dutti has consolidated at all levels as a group with national and international growth, which today has over 4,000 employees.
In 2003, Massimo Dutti launched a children's fashion range under the trade name Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls. This line is being implemented progressively in stores in several countries, where the stores are large enough to house its specific space.

Women's Collection:
Urban, cosmopolitan, independent and educated profile.
Interests: the latest in fashion, multicultural sensitivity, eager to get to know new markets and ways of life on both the personal and professional level.
Based on our own creation concept, the Massimo Dutti woman, as regards her dressing habits, is urban, contemporary, practical, elegant, up-to-date, without falling victim to the strict dictates of trends, and proud of her label.
Collection after Collection, Massimo Dutti Women pursues the achievement of a personal style adapted to the fashion lines which govern the standards on the international catwalks.
Massimo Dutti Women consists of several lines of action, not only in fabrics, but also in accessories and fragrances. All of these make up a common style as regards the trends, styles, colours and textures in each collection.

Men's Collection:
Urban, cosmopolitan profile, independent, pays attention to details, cultured and classy.
Interests: Multicultural sensitivity, eager to get to know new markets and ways of life on both the personal and professional level, highly dedicated to sport.
Conceptual basis: From the outset, the Massimo Dutti man has exuded a unique personality.
Line values: Exclusive dedication, quality of materials and the combination of textures and styles are the bases of the concept created by Massimo Dutti Men in all its collections.

Boys & Girls Collection:
Intended for boys and girls aged between the ages of 12 and 16.
In 2003, Massimo Dutti presented a new line devoted to the kids: Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls (in the beginning, only Boys and following a year of individual success, Girls were added).
Keeping quality and in-house design as the principal value, Massismo Dutti designs for the boys and girls of our Men & Women, offering a way to dress a child interested in Dutti as a brand option.

Personal Tailoring:
Massimo Dutti meets its customers' needs in the production of suits, shirts and jackets.
Based on a concept of exclusivity, Massimo Dutti offers the possibility to personalise men's clothing, choosing from a wide selection of fabrics and personal finishes.
Based on certain established models, you are given the option to choose the fabric and colour you prefer from a wide selection of materials, such as cotton, 100% wool and cashmere.
The individualisation of the linings, buttons and felts is rounded out by our personalising service, giving the suit an exclusive finish.
There are currently 60 Massimo Dutti stores which offer this service, 20 of them in international markets.