since 2006
Country of origin: Sweden


the monki story

Once upon a time, an unexpected chemical reaction in an old weavery released a batch of plump black Monkis into the sky. Soaring high from the still-smouldering chimney, the tiny creatures floated into the illusory universe known as the Monki World.

The experiences of the litte black Monkis are the source of inspiration for the homonymus girl brand, that offers affordable attitude clothing in more than 20 shops in Sweden. The first Shop in Denmark will open its doors on May 1st and invite to a magic world, the City of Oil and Steel. The Monki world appears as surprising and ambiguous as themselves; part magical and part ghastly; stunning beauty alongside revolting ugliness. The Monkis act cute and friendly, but also evil and deceptive.

This tale is the foundation for Monki’s all-embracing retail concept. The story is not only communicated as printed patterns on garments, graphics, websites, and store designs; the Monki World is represented even in the smallest details, such as accessories, shopping bags, price tags, and receipts.

the monki collection

The collection is digging the veins of youth culture, the look is inspired by Japanese and European street style. The Monki label is affordable clothing made for people wanting to express who they are through what they wear. Smart indie characters such as Enid and Rebecca in Ghost World, with their unwilling attitude to fit in the crowd, the frustrated Lisbon sisters in Virgin Suicides, who are struggling with the issues of growing up - they are all blue- prints for the Monki feeling.

The spring summer 2009 collection shows four different themes. The oversized Boyfriend look, with wide pants and fabrics borrowed from menswear such as striped poplin and piquet. An ethnic Western look with Hippie elements, embroidery and stitchings, sunbleached denim and moccasins. The poetic romance theme is all about flowers in new color and fabric combinations, shirtdresses out of cretonne and fine knitted cardigans create a dreamy afternoon tea atmosphere. The forth theme is a sporty one with optimistic attitude, strong wild colors and playful drawings. All prints from the collection are hand drawn by Monki’s own in-house illustrator team who creates everything from the textile design, tee prints, graphics around the store, and the small gadgets with Monki.

the monki shop design

Monki has several interior concepts running simultaneously. Every concept is inspired by a different part of the Monki World. So far, the mysterious Forgotten Forest and the powerful City of Oil and Steel have been launched. Future concepts will portray other areas of the vast Monki landscape. Ultimately, all the stores together form an entity that combines recognition, repetition, and surprise.

The shop in Copenhagen‘s Købmagergade will show the mysterious post-apocalyptic City of Oil and Steel, that is a mysterious place, warm, dark, and biohazardous; filled with dismantled skyscraper parts, strange vegetation, neon, asphalt, and intensely powerful machinery.

The City of Oil and Steel is a metropolis that has been surrendered by mankind an eternity ago, and gradually mutated into something different. Massive movable machine parts sprawl in all directions. Coloured sprouts spring from a pool of poisonous chemical residue. Giant chains of toxicity float through an endless black sky, occasionally dipping to touch the floor...

The Monki shops excite and energize people, such as the collection. There is always a little shock and sense of surprise, when getting in touch with them.