Sunday openings and special opening hours

Are there any special opening hours, like Sunday openings, in Switzerland today? Find all shops in which you can go shopping outside normal business hours here.

Sunday openings as the saving grace of stressed out people

Every time a center or outlet announces a Sunday opening or other special opening hours, it’s a moment of great joy for a lot of us. Shopping, eating out or just strolling around with the whole family - Sundays are the best days for that. TheLabelFinder offers you a neat overview of all the places you will find what you’re looking for, even on a Sunday.

Sunday openings and special opening hours in Switzerland

Go to the mall after a long day of work? Drive to an outlet center on a busy Saturday? Often times, we lack the energy and passion for that. Kids are tired from school and you really only want to unwind on the couch. Sound familiar? All the better that in Switzerland, some shops are allowed to open on a few Sundays.

In Switzerland, opening hours aren’t scheduled on a federal level. Each canton can decide for themselves. This is why regular business hours differ from canton to canton. There was a law suggested to come up with federal regulations, but this was soon dismissed - just as a discussed loosening of opening hours on Sundays, mostly due to the criticism by labor unions and church organisations. Train stations and airports are allowed to open shop on Sundays thanks to exemptions in "centers of public transport".

The canton of Zurich also has looser regulations. Here, family businesses can be open on Sundays if they meet certain requirements.